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Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse.

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse.

I've always been interested in Double Cleansing. It makes sense, doesn't it? Why would you use just one cleanser in the hope of removing everything the day has thrown at your skin from the likes of makeup to pollutants? One cleanse just isn't going to be enough. I have tried in the past to double cleanse using two different cleansers but always ended up being lazy about it. So, when I discovered the Pixi Double Cleanse, I had to buy it.

The June Makeup Bag.

The June Makeup Bag.

As I mentioned in May's makeup bag post, I'm now ditching the monthly favourite posts and sharing my monthly makeup bag contents with you all instead! We may already be two weeks into July, but better late than never right!?

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation |
I'm still wearing my other Bourjois foundation favourite but when I want something with a little less coverage that still gives my skin a flawless appearance, I'll opt for City Radiance. It's a great summer base in that it's light, contains SPF 30 to protect my pale skin on sunny days and has an anti-pollution screen which as a Londoner is something I really need!

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam |
I've raved about this a lot now and I'll carry on for as long as this product is around. When wearing the Bourjois Healthy Mix, I always mix this in to give my skin more of a luminous glow. It really is beautiful!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer |
Told you you'd see this again! Yep, this is still my go-to concealer and it will be for a loooong time. Even though I'm worried about me overusing it and running out quickly as it's not cheap! So I might start saving it and go back to my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for a little while...

Bourjois Java Rice Powder |
With my dry skin, I usually steer clear of powder. Cakey makeup? No thanks. But I had started seeing this powder on a ton of blogs recently and the reviews got me intrigued, so I had to try it. This is the most gorgeous pink-hued powder, oh my. It adds such a lovely glow to the skin without any cakey-ness or settling into fine lines. It's really beautiful and I'd really recommend it if you love that glowy look!

Sleek Rose Gold Blush |
I seem to buy anything that is rose gold or has rose gold in its name! I'm obsessed and I can safely say I'm addicted to this beautiful blush! I own nothing like it and it just adds a really lovely pop of colour to my cheeks! It's the perfect blush for warmer days and I love how compact the packaging is!

Maybelline Master Strobing Stick |
Say hello to my new favourite highlighter! This one is so easy to apply, just one swipe, blend and voila, you've got a gorgeous glow to the cheekbones. I can't get enough of this, it's really beautiful. A definite must try.

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara |
I've been meaning to try this for years and I finally decided to pick it up a few weeks ago. It's the only waterproof mascara I own but I can't comment on the water proof-ness yet however it's a really lovely subtle mascara. It lifts the lashes and gives them a lovely fluttery look, I wouldn't say it gives much in the way of volume or definition but if you just want a nice mascara for daytime wear that doesn't look too extreme, try this one.

Seventeen Lip Lustres |
I've had these for ages and never really thought much of them but I decided to give them a go recently and they're really lovely when worn on top of lipstick! They don't add much in the way of colour but if you like that glossy lip look then these are great. No stickiness and long lasting too!

Which makeup items have you been loving recently?

Laura x
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Janina Ultra White Teeth Whitening Range

Janina Ultra White Teeth Whitening Range

When I was 18, I finally got braces after years of hating my smile, covering my mouth in every single photo and generally so self-conscious of how I looked. When they came off two years later, I was finally a confident smiler. Now more than ever, I take pride in the appearance of my teeth and try to take the best care of them. When I was asked to review the Janina Ultra White Teeth Whitening Range for National Smile Month (15th May-15th June), I couldn't say no. Read on to find out how I got on!

The Janina Ultra White Teeth Whitening Range consists of 8 products and I was sent the Sensitive Toothpaste and Maxiwhite Whitening Strips to try. The range has a unique, clinically proven low-abrasive formula thanks to being free from hydrogen peroxide and contains the Whitening Patented Bromaine Complex, a combination of natural fruit enzymes such as pineapple and papaya providing us with the safest option for whiter teeth.

Janina Ultra White Sensitive Toothpaste* |
I've been using this twice daily since I received it and the difference it has made to my teeth is astonishing. I don't think I'll ever use another toothpaste again! It may be a little bit more expensive than my usual toothpaste but it's worth it. Janina suggest using this twice daily for 3 minutes and for the best results avoid using mouthwash or water to rinse afterwards as this will allow the formulation to work even longer. I found this quite difficult at first as I've been using mouthwash religiously since the day I got my braces on 7 years ago but I'm now used to it! I have very sensitive teeth and I've also noticed it has reduced significantly since using this toothpaste.

Janina Maxiwhite Whitening Strips* |
I was so excited to use these as I've been wanting to try similar products for ages (such as the Crest 3D Whitening Strips). This is a 7-day system, to be used twice a day. However, I opted to use them over 14 days, once a day as this fitted in better with my routine. Each packet contains a mint-flavoured strip for the upper and lower teeth to be used on dry teeth for 30 minutes after brushing. I found the lower strip more of a pain to work with, it would constantly slip around and take a while to stick, whereas I never had any problems with the upper strip. Upon removal, it would leave a tacky film on the teeth which was the only downside to these strips, I couldn't stand the feeling. However, a quick brush or rinse soon removed the gel to reveal a whiter smile. I wouldn't say the results are amazing but my teeth are definitely a lot less yellow and brighter.

You can buy these products and the rest of the Ultra White Range here at Boots. I'm tempted to try the Whitening Trays next!

What are your favourite teeth whitening products?

Laura x
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*This post contains products sent to me for review purposes. All views are my own.

Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub

Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub

Naturelle Cosmetics are a natural, family-owned cosmetics brand who strive to bring us the purest products from certified organic farms across Europe. A couple of weeks ago, they kindly sent me their Royal Coffee Body Scrub in Cinnamon Vanilla* to try.

I adore coffee and I can't start my day without a cup (or two..) and I can't get enough of the smell either, why does it smell so good!? Anyway, I've read a lot about the benefits of using a coffee scrub from being a fab cellulite banisher to leaving the skin silky smooth and so, I couldn't wait to give it a whirl.

The Royal Coffee Scrub contains a number of different organic, natural ingredients from the seed powder of Arabica coffee to avocado and jojoba oil and comes in many different scents, I was sent Cinnamon Vanilla which as you can imagine, smells amazing!

The coffee scrubs contain a lot of benefits for your skin and I have certainly seen a difference since I started using it. Dry rough areas such as the knees and ankles are less scaly and much smoother and my skin looks a lot brighter and less dull. I use this whilst showering (I obviously turn it off first!) and apply in circular motions for a minute or two then I rinse it off which leaves me with super soft skin!

I can say that this is really messy. So, you have to give your shower a good rinse afterwards, it gets everywhere! You also have to make sure you've rinsed it off yourself properly too as it's quite easy to miss parts! But other than that, it's a great scrub that delivers all the goods and has quickly become a vital part of my showering routine.

You can buy it here for £9.95.

Have you ever used a coffee scrub?

Laura x
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This post contains products sent to me for review purposes. All views are my own.