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Battle of the Benefit mascaras

Benefit Mascaras; They're Real, Roller Lash, BADgal
I'm a huge fan of Benefit, especially their mascaras. They're Real was the first one I purchased, I liked it in the beginning however my opinion on it has since changed, Roller Lash is my current favourite mascara and the original mascara, BADGal Lash is my newest out of the three. In this post, I'm going to put these three mascaras to the test and compare them against each other. So, which Benefit mascara will come out on top?

Benefit Mascaras; They're Real, Roller Lash, BADgal

They're Real! is Benefit's best selling mascara (also the No.1 best selling in the UK) and is said to lengthen, curl, volumise, lift and separate. There is a lot of hype around this mascara and I was definitely drawn in by the hype, in the beginning I did quite like it, but now? Not at all. There is no denying it gives great length and volume with intense colour however as you can see in the picture below, it is really clumpy! I just don't like how it looks on my lashes. It does last a great amount of time however, the other day while wearing it again specifically for this post, it lasted around 12 hours which is great but because of this it is very stubborn and quite tough to remove, it can be quite a pain if I'm honest. I won't be buying this mascara ever again.

This mascara, BADgal, is Benefit's original mascara and is said to give you full, voluminous lashes. I wouldn't necessarily agree with this, however it is a lovely mascara. It can look quite nice and subtle, perfect for daytime. It gives great length but not much volume and there isn't any clumps in sight! It even lasted through me getting soaked on the log flume at Alton Towers last weekend and it's not even waterproof! Brilliant. I really love this mascara.

Benefit's newest offering released earlier this year is Roller Lash. A mascara that is said to grab, separate, lift and curl with it's eye opening Hook 'n' Roll brush. I really love this mascara, it gives a lovely curl to the lashes with great length and volume with no clumps whatsoever. It has great lasting power maybe not to the same extent as They're Real but still a good few hours! It is also really easy to remove, one or two cotton pads soaked in micellar water should do the job!

Obviously this is all down to personal preference, everyone has different experiences. Some people don't get along with Roller Lash at all and love They're Real, some people like me, just don't understand the hype around They're Real. So for me, Roller Lash definitely comes out on top with BADgal a very close second. I do hope Roller Lash overtakes They're Real as Benefit's top mascara, however I don't think it will.

What's your favourite Benefit mascara?

Laura x
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