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An Easy Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Brushegg

An Easy Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Brushegg
I hate nothing more then washing my makeup brushes, it can be such a chore and is boring as hell. The old way I used to wash my brushes took so long that I'd end up putting it off whilst telling myself I would do it tomorrow but once tomorrow came, it never happened. It's quite gross really as using a dirty brush means bacteria spread all over my face, yuck. Whilst constantly browsing the internet for something that would speed up the washing process I came across the Brushegg. I'm not sure how but I was quite intrigued by it, it wasn't pricey and the reviews were good so I placed an order straight away.

An Easy Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Brushegg

The Brushegg is a little silicone egg shaped device that has an opening at the bottom that is big enough to fit two fingers in however I find it a little uncomfortable (#longfingerproblems) so I prefer to hold it in the palm of my hand whilst cleaning brushes. The smaller knobs on top are used for foaming and lathering whilst the grooves on the bottom agitate bristles just enough to get rid of product, dirt and oils without damaging your brushes in the process. Quite a small device, it's also perfect for travelling. Before, I would of not even considered thinking about cleaning my brushes when I'm away from home for a week or longer however with the Brushegg, I have no excuse not to.

I decided to test out the Brushegg using my two favourite Real Techniques brushes - The Stippling Brush & The Expert Face Brush. Being my most used brushes and also used for foundation, they were the most dirty. Using lukewarm water and some Johnson's Baby Shampoo, I gently scrub the brushes on the grooves and knobs of the Brushegg and within less than a minute for each brush, they were completely spotless and looking brand spanking new again! I swear by Baby Shampoo when cleaning brushes, there really is no need for any fancy brush cleaner, this does the job just fine.
An Easy Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Brushegg
The Brushegg is a definite time saver when it comes to cleaning make up brushes so if you hate it as much as I do, I definitely recommend you get this! The Brushegg is available at many online retailers at various different prices. I bought mine on Amazon for only £3.01 with free delivery and I received 3 too which was amazing!

Have you tried the Brushegg or something similar?

Laura x
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  1. This seems like a life saver - I also hate washing my brushes so much! Definitely going to have to look into getting this!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemeberr.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I've never heard of these before but they seem so useful as I'm so lazy at cleaning my brushes. Great review.


    1. They are really useful, I'm so glad I found it! Thank you x