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Sanctuary Spa Get Ready For Summer Beach Bag

Sanctuary Spa Get Ready For Summer Beach Bag

I know, summers nearly over and I'm featuring a 'Get Ready For Summer' Beach Bag but having won this a few weeks back, I just had to share it with you guys. I've never tried any Sanctuary Spa products before but it has always been a brand I wanted to try, a brand I always thought seemed pretty amazing and luxurious. Having now tried their products, I can safely say these products feel luxurious and can give you a little spa like experience without leaving the house. The 'Get Ready For Summer' Beach Bag contains 9 products from Sanctuary Spa themselves along with 3 products from hair care brand, Charles Worthington.

Sanctuary Spa Get Ready For Summer Beach Bag

The products from Charles Worthington included their Salon at Home Sunshine Protector Shampoo and Conditioner. I haven't tried these yet as they are the perfect size to take with me on my holiday so I'm saving them for then however I'm really excited to try these. Containing UV filters and Moringa Seed Oil, they protect your hair from the sun and the harm it can cause to your hair. I've never really thought about the sun damaging my hair before but when you think about it, it makes sense.

The Salon At Home Sunshine Protector Leave In Spray was also included, however it had leaked and there was nothing left in the bottle so I'm a little gutted about that.

Sanctuary Spa Get Ready For Summer Beach Bag
Now onto the products from Sanctuary Spa. In the bag, there were two Cleansing Burst Body Washes. One full size 250ml bottle and it's travel companion, a 75ml version which again is perfect for my upcoming holiday. An aromatic body wash that is infused with essential oils and spices to give your skin a gentle cleanse and condition whilst sesame oil and jojoba leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth with a gorgeous subtle scent. And let me tell you, the scent is beautiful.

Sanctuary Spa Get Ready For Summer Beach Bag

If you've read this blog for some time then you will know how much I love the Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream. I was quite excited to see the Sanctuary Spa Velvety Hand Cream included and I hoped it would be on par with Hand Food or possibly even better. I'm not too sure yet if I like it or not, it definitely has a 'velvet' feel to it once it sinks into the skin and it does sink into the skin a lot quicker then Hand Food does but I'm just not certain on how it feels on my hands. I'm picky like that!

The Intensive Heel Balm gives your rough, dry and cracked heels a little pamper by using Shea Butter and a blend of Wheat Germ, Vitamin E & Rosehip Oil to moisture the skin leaving it soft, smooth and nourished.

A product I'm still yet to use is the Ultimate Salt Scrub. I'm quite intrigued by this having never used a salt scrub before so I can't wait to give it a go. It is said to leave skin 'perfectly polished and gorgeously moisturised'.

Sanctuary Spa Get Ready For Summer Beach Bag
Next is the Silky Smooth Body Lotion. As the name suggests, this lotion leaves your skin feeling silky smooth whilst easily absorbing into the skin for quick usage. Containing a mix of ginger and fragrant spices to help stimulate circulation as well as nourishing jojoba to provide 24 hour moisturisation.

This next one is a little hard to explain. I was expecting the Feather-Light Moisture Spray to be like other sprays I've used, such as the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The refreshing kind. What's different about this spray is when you spray it onto the face, its like a gentle dry mist rather than the usual water spray. It is really weird however leaves the skin feeling amazing. It sinks in quickly leaving no residue on the skin whatsoever whilst giving the skin a nice healthy sheen. I love it!

Sanctuary Spa Get Ready For Summer Beach Bag

Last but not least are my 2 favourite products. The Luxurious Body Butter is exactly that, super luxurious. Not only does it feel luxurious but the scent is too, I'm seriously in love with this product. It is said to be packed with luxurious (how many times have I said luxurious!?) butters like cocoa and shea, oil from macadamia nuts and sweet almonds. It's no wonder it smells amazing. If there was one thing I recommend you try from everything mentioned in this post, it would be this.

Having nearly finished my favourite Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub, I was on the lookout for a new scrub so this was perfect timing. The Gentle Polish Body Scrub is extremely gentle on the skin so much so that it can be used daily to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. Ingredients include patchouli, orange oil and natural pumice that work together to leave the skin awakened, revitalised and super soft.

Unfortunately the Sanctuary Spa Get Ready For Summer Beach Bag is no longer available to purchase. However all the products are quite reasonably priced considering the quality of the products themselves. Hopefully Sanctuary Spa will bring this out again next summer!

Have you tried anything from Sanctuary Spa? What's your favourite product?

Laura x
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