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H&M Beauty

H&M Beauty
This autumn there was one new beauty launch that I was dying to get my hands on - H&M's beauty line. A 700 piece collection featuring the likes of lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows and a whole lot more in swoonworthy packaging at incredibly reasonable prices. Because there is so much to choose from, it gets a little overwhelming scrolling through the website and deciding what to buy. So for now, I stuck to just three items. It's safe to say I now want more.

H&M Beauty

H&M Beauty

H&M Beauty
The items I wanted most were the blushes. Mainly for the gorgeous hexagon packaging (so instagram worthy!) but I'm also quite the blush hoarder so it was inevitable really. The Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Pink Coral is probably the most vibrant blush in my collection right now. It's very intense and for a pale girl like myself, a little scary. However with a light hand, it adds a gorgeous flush of colour to the cheeks and in my opinion, it's the perfect blush for the cold, winter days.

Another blush I picked up was the Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Dusty Rose. Dusty Rose is the perfect shade for pale skin as it really compliments and adds some warmth whilst still looking completely natural. This is probably my new favourite blush.

I'm fairly new to cream eyeshadows, only ever trying one before. I don't know why I haven't tried more, but I really must as I love the formula. I picked up the Colour Essence Eye Cream in Champers. A stunning champagne shade, it can be worn quite naturally for a light wash of colour or built up for a more intense look. This cream eyeshadow is so smooth and blends with ease, long lasting and just absolutely gorgeous.

Next, I really need to get my hands on the Cream Lip Colour in Tea RoseLiquid Lipstick in Le Beau Monde, Eye shadow in Peach Life and Colour Essence Eye Cream in Dauphine Truffle.

Have you tried H&M's new beauty line? What's your favourite item?

Laura x
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  1. I'll have to look out for Dusty Rose as I'm quite pale too x

    Claudia Harriet

  2. Ive not tried any of their make up but the brightest of the blushes looks so lovely, I'm desperate to get my hands on something that shade now !

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx


  3. Hi Laura!

    So glad that you got featured on Bloglovin'! Your blog as a whole is a beaut. Dying to try H&M's beauty line but they're not available in Singapore :(

    And I'm not helping the situation by browsing their website, which does not accept international orders.

    xx, faizah

    1. I had no idea I was featured haha! Thank you so much. Oh that's a shame :( Hopefully they'll be available soon! x